The 2020 International Conference on Signal Processing and Computer Science (SPCS2020) is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Signal Processing and Computer Science to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in Signal Processing and Computer Science and another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1)Signal   Processing 1)信号处理
Digital Signal Processing 数字信号处理
Radar Signal Processing 雷达信号处理
Signal Processing for   Communications通信信号处理
Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks临时和传感器网络
Analog and Mixed Signal   Processing模拟和混合信号处理
Array Signal Processing阵列信号处理
Audio and   Electroacoustics 音频和电声
Audio/Speech Processing and   Coding音频/语音处理和编码
Bioimaging and Signal   Processing 生物成像和信号处理
Biosignal Processing &   Understanding生物信号处理与理解
Optical Communications光通讯
2)Applications of Signal  Processing2)信号处理的应用
Machine Learning for Signal   Processing 信号处理的机器学习
Multimedia Signal   Processing 多媒体信号处理
Natural Language Processing自然语言处理
Nonlinear Signal   Processing 非线性信号处理
Parallel and Distributed   Processing并行和分布式处理
Signal Processing for Security安全信号处理
Signal Processing Theory and   Methods 信号处理理论与方法
Statistical Signal   Processing 统计信号处理
Time-Frequency/Time-Scale   Analysis时频/时标分析
Video compression &   Streaming视频压缩和流
Watermarking and Information   Hiding水印和信息隐藏
3)Communication and Broadband   Networks3)通信和宽带网络
Communication Signal   processing通讯信号处理
Computer Vision & Virtual   Reality计算机视觉与虚拟现实
Cryptography and Network   Security密码学与网络安全
Design and Implementation of   Signal Processing Systems 信号处理系统的设计与实现
Emerging Technologies 新兴技术
Hardware Implementation for   Signal Processing信号处理的硬件实现
Image and Multidimensional   Signal Processing 图像和多维信号处理
Internet Signal Processing互联网信号处理
4)Computer Science 4)计算机科学
Computational Intelligence计算智能
Grid Computing;网格计算;
Cluster Computing;集群计算;
Software policy and ethics;编程语言;
Automated Software Engineering自动化软件工程
Bioinformatics and Scientific   Computing生物信息学与科学计算
Data Communications数据通讯
Data Compression资料压缩
Data Encryption数据加密
Data Mining数据挖掘
Database Systems数据库系统
Digital Library数字图书馆
Digital Signal and Image   Processing数字信号和图像处理
5)Computing Practices &   Applications5)计算实践与应用
Computer Architecture &   VLSI计算机架构与VLSI
Computer Architecture and   Embedded Systems计算机体系结构和嵌入式系统
Computer Graphics &   Virtual Reality计算机图形学与虚拟现实
Computer Graphics and   Multimedia计算机图形学与多媒体
Computer Modeling电脑建模
Computer Simulation计算机模拟
Computer Vision计算机视觉
Computer-aided   Design/Manufacturing计算机辅助设计/制造
Graphics and Visualization图形和可视化
6)Other Related Research6)其他相关研究

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